Thursday, 13 August 2015

Celebrate Independence Day by Customizing Your Profile Pictures

Celebrate Independence Day by Customizing Your Profile Pictures

With sales of flags, badges and other Independence Day paraphernalia skyrocketing all across Pakistan, it’s no wonder that people and brands are striving to make the 68th Independence Day of Pakistan an occasion to remember.

This independence day, I’m sure a lot of people here will be looking to drape their social media profiles with Pakistani colors. And though they can use from some of the wallpaper resources to change their Facebook profile picture or cover image, there are some options out there that let you add your personal touch.
So let’s take a look at some pretty nifty tools that can let profile display picture get a cool Pakistan Independence Day makeover.

Profile Picture Flag for Facebook

The first tool on this feature is the most simplest to use, yet also varied enough since it isn’t limited to one flag. Basically, this tool imposes as semi-transparent flag of your choice on your current Facebook profile picture. No messing around required. It does what it says.
Visit here to use Profile Picture Flag for Facebook

Twibbon – Go Green Pakistan

Another no-frills and dead simple service to get your profile picture Pakistanized, this time by means of a small and sleek icon on the corner of your picture. Twibbon lets you adorn your Facebook and Twitter profile photo with an icon/badge of a Pakistani flag. The unique thing about Twibbon is that it shows how many people have subscribed to a campaign, in this case the use of a Pakistani badge in their profile picture.
Visit here to use Twibbon – Go Green Pakistan

Bonus : Design your own Customised Independence Day T-Shirt Design

Though this site doesn’t deliver customized tees to Pakistan yet, that doesn’t come in the way of its usefulness on this Independence Day. If you ever wanted to design your own fantabulous and sleek Pakistani tee shirt for Independence Day, this site offers you unlimited tools and options to do so. Did we mention it also lets you design your sports jerseys too? Don’t miss this one folks.
Visit here to design your own customized independence T-shirt design
We hope that Pakistani brands and app developers step up their game and make better use of technology to make Brand Pakistan shine. There’s so much potential and opportunities to highlight your patriotic zeal and commitment to the country. Let’s see what the next year brings in. Until then, Happy Birthday Pakistan.


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