Friday, 19 June 2015

Real Ghost Caught in Camera while Crossing Highway

Ghost caught on highway with a CCTV camera where the ghost can clearly be seen. The ghost was crossing the road in the video footage which we have got. It's kind of ghost adventure as the ghost was passing the road while the truck was coming in his way. If it was a normal person the truck would have definitely hit the person. Ghost was so transparent that you could hardly see it in the video; we have marked the ghost with an arrow in the video clip. Ghost came out of the jungles as we can see there is a jungle on both sides of the road and mountains behind. The ghost was in the form of a man which was passing the road. The truck driver and a motorcyclist were unable to see the ghost but the camera caught it. People say that ghosts mostly lives in jungles and the places where the population is very low.



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