Tuesday, 30 June 2015

American Police Beating Up Woman

None of the religion allows any men to beat women. One does not has any right to hit women by anything even by his hand. After the emergence of Islam, women are able to get their proper rights. 1400 years ago before Islam women were treated as slave. People never gave women due respect. It was time of ignorance. Islam came and changed everything for women. Islam disallowed to hit women, Islam defined the proper portion for women in property that was never decided or given before Islam. West now a day claims that they have given due rights to women, whereas Islam has restricted the independence of women. For example they say Islam does not allow women to do the job, but they are wrong. Islam does allow women to any kind of job. Then west talk about the due respect for women. They claim Islam has not given equal right to women, but the question is whether they have given it. Answer is very simple along with evidence. No they do not give proper and due respect to women.

One can easily see police man in jail beating the girl very badly. First of all women should be held as a prisoner in women`s prison if she is guilty. Furthermore there should be female staff to look after female prisoner. This is the first step to give proper respect to women. If you are not acting on first step then how can you claim you are giving proper respect to women.



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