Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Salman Khan’s answer to Owais Ud Din

Salman Khan’s answer to Owais Ud Din

Salman Khan is one of the best actors of India. He has always been famous for his top notch acting skills and hard work. Salman Khan, with the passage of time is liked more by the people. Now he is proudly regarded as one of the most successful actors, film producers, and televisions hosts of Bollywood.
I am sure you must have watched this bollywood celeb hosting a famous television show. It seems that Salman Khan has never cared of the controversies that often arise against him. He has always focused on his profession. These video clips are about one of Salman Khan’s controversial movies. The movie name is Jay Ho.

On the promotion of Jay Ho, Salman Khan was much criticized by some of the religious persons. They used bad words against him and his movie. They said that Salman Khan has no right to say something or to show off something against the religions. He should amend his ways as someday God would definitely punish him.

Salman Khan was asked many questions about it, and he said that the movie has no concern to ruin the repute of any of the religions. He further viewed that he is just an entertainer, and provides the movies to the fans to entertain them. These are not purposed to say something negative about any religion, cast, or group of people. Salman Khan said that he doesn’t care of such acts at all.



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