Tuesday, 7 April 2015

An alien body discovered in Lahore

 An alien body discovered in Lahore

There have had been many talks about the existence of aliens. Some of the scientists and researchers believe that aliens do exist, while others say that they don’t exist anywhere. These are actually the tiny complex creatures that are possibly present in other worlds or on the distant planets.
The astronomers and space scientists remain excited to find the existence of such a creature. The clips we have shared here are of a Pakistani house. What happened that the construction was being done in that house when something shocking happened. The children found an unknown creature wandering here and there beneath the earth. They named it an alien and were terrified.

In no time the news of the alien spread across the town and nearby localities. The people started gathering at the house to see this tiny alien. The housemates are of the view that it was slowing moving from one portion to another. They further said that it has been killed by the kids due to the reason that they caught it and tied in a bottle. As a result, the suffocation took place and the alien died.
There are many confused talks about aliens. They may be present or not, but discussing about them gives relief to the scientists. They believe that aliens do exist in distant planets where there may be enough water, air, and food supply for their survival. Have you ever seen an alien in real? I am sure your answer would be no, but this is what would make you feel that it may actually be present somewhere.



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