Thursday, 5 March 2015

Weird Vagina Problems Solved

Healthy vagina equates to healthy and comfortable women. Issues like bad odour, yeast infection, bleeding, and bumps that happen down there that need immediate attention. We list out ways to tackle all these below the belt problems easily and fast

A bump on your vagina shouldn’t freak you out; it can be due to an ingrown hair or a harmless cyst. Applying over the counter hydrocortisone cream for inflammation or hot compresses are the best way to treat bumps on the vagina. If the problem persists see a gynaecologist.

A weird smelling vagina could be due to a million reasons, but it is imperative to see a doctor come what may. A dirty smelling vaginal discharge can point to bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis. Your doctor will prescribe you antibiotics that will treat the problem immediately.  Forgotten tampon or a stuck condom can also be a cause of funky odour from your vagina.

If you’re bleeding apart from your menstrual cycle flow that it is possibly a polyp on your cervix, an infection or pregnancy.  Abnormal bleeding after sexual intercourse can also result from sexually transmitted disease (STDs) clubbed with vaginal discharge. Your doctor will check you for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Also rough sex can lead to bleeding, you don’t have to worry about these one of situations.

A recurring itch followed by vaginal discharge can indicate yeast infection.  You body wash, or soap or even the detergent you use to wash you panties can be the culprit.

Again, an unusual vaginal discharge bothering you every month can be a physiological baseline discharge common in women, so do not panic. But if the viscosity, odour changes every time consult a doctor.
If it pains in your vagina while peeing or during sex that it again signifies STDs. In case it happens just once or twice then experts suggest using lube to fight vaginal dryness.
For people who indulge in indoor cycling or spending long hours driving a bike can experience numbness near the vagina.  Invest in a good padded seat to avoid vaginal pain and numbness.

Vaginal dryness involves the feeling of itchiness, stinging, burning, pain and urine frequency. Using over the counter lubricants and Vaginal estrogen therapy can help solve the problem.

Deep vaginal pain can due to the presence of an ovarian cyst.  A sonography or a pelvic exam can determine the problem.



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