Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Malaysian Plane : The mystery of Aviation History

 Malaysian Plane : The mystery of Aviation History

Air crashes often take place in almost all parts of the world. The governments and air line companies need to give their best for the complete safety and protection of the individuals. It is, thus, their duty to build the air crafts with only top notch materials. They just cannot risk the lives of people.

This accident shown in this video took place on 8 March 2014. This Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 suddenly disappeared from the route while it was taking the en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The flight had 239 passengers and crew on board. As of the current data, the flight had some technical issues.
The flight has been missed. No one knows where actually it gone. Some of the people view that it has been disappeared and is no more around, while another group of individuals and scientists have said that it was destructed and crashed at the time of its flight. The investigation reports of a number of cops say that it was crashed in the south part of the Indian Ocean.

Whatsoever the truths behind the flight’s destruction or disappearance may be, what make the people feel sad is the lives lost in this air plane. Those who were onto it have now been missed. Their relatives, friends, and family members miss their beloveds. Such accidents make us worried and feel much more conscious about how to take serious measures for the complete safety and protection of the people. The passengers should be provided with complete comfort and security during the flights.



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