Saturday, 28 March 2015

Indian TV channels working to control people’s mind

 Indian TV channels working to control people’s mind

Indian TV channels are working day and night to take control of their audience. We should not forget that not only the people in India but also the people in Pakistan are their audience now. They are working to create mishaps and problems in our family lives.

But how they are doing this ?
Well, if you are fond of Indian TV channel’s and their TV dramas then you must have felt that all these TV serials are showing negativity. They always show that the mother in law and daughter in law, will always be two rivals. They are also making us to adopt the Western culture in our lives.

By  showing the TV serials and fake families where girls can openly hang out with other men and parents dont mind it, they are giving us this message that a happy family is created when all the members have freedom to do whatever they want.

Be Aware of Indian Media , Pakistani Youth by aakhTHUU

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