Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Covert Activities of TV News Anchors

 Covert Activities of TV News Anchors

Always, Always respect the person who is casting news on television. Because he or she is one of the most amazing person knowing everything in your country. She or he might be serious looking but they are best at their work. Media has many ways, social media, news media, banner media, newspaper media. Anchors are the persons casting news on live Television.
On television these creatures may sound little awkward but they are really funny behind the scene. These scenes can be seen live in today’s video. This video is sent by Ammad Khawaja who is really a funny person only alive in Pakistan. He is news caster from Khabarnamcha channel.

Watch the amazing moments by these news caster having fun in the studio. These moments are captured by news camera man who captured this video just for fun.
What i suggest you to be careful while someone is filming you, because they can easily make fun of you while filming something strange. This happened in this video while these news caster was enjoying in their news room and someone started filming their movie. After some time they realize this is bad.



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