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Samina 22 years old figure is 34-28-36 real story xxx

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My name is Samina and I'm 22 years old Pakistani Girl.This sex incident happened a few years back when I went to my uncle for some exam.It is always a priority for me to look sexy like many other sexy Pakistani girls.My figure is 34-28-36 which is the reason why men keep staring at me.I had finished my college studies,and was preparing for the entrance test of medical.The center for my entry test was near to my uncle’s house.So,a week before the date for the examination,my parents sent me to Uncle's house.
He was married and living with his wife and two children in his house.My Uncle was very well established and quite a rich man.I had always dreamed of getting such a lifestyle.He has a big house with all the luxuries that one could desire for.My uncle was around 40 years old but with a very well maintained body.In short,he was a perfect man a woman could desire.
We had not visited them in recent years as he was not a blood relation of my father but a casual type relation was there.when he heard that I was coming he was overwhelmed.My father sent me alone due to his busy job and called my uncle to pick me.It was his off day and he came to receive me at the bus stand.He was very happy and so was I. We got in the car and drove to home.On the way he told me that aunty was waiting eagerly for me.I also caught him staring at my boobs for a couple of times.It was strange for me and I was quite uneasy for the first few times.
We got home and aunty welcomed us,took dinner together and went to sleep.The next day,when I woke up,there was a strange incident.My aunt's relative had been died and she had to leave for funeral.It was sad news so aunty took her children and quickly went to attend that funeral in the nearby city.I have almost 6-7 days to spare so my aunty advised me to take care of house and Uncle as well.I was used to cooking so it was not a big deal.
I spent the rest of the day watching TV and studying etc.In the evening when uncle got back from work,he came to my room and asked me if I had any problem for which I replied that I was totally satisfied.Then he asked me about my studies and told me that he was ready to help me in any of the subjects.i caught him staring at my cleavage as i was wearing a loose t-shirt and hot pants.Then we went to sleep.

The next day I went to his room to ask something.He was taking bath and I decided to wait.I was looking up the bookshelf and found some magazines with nude pictures of teenage girls.A recent edition of the magazine had young/old sex pictures in it where mature men were having sex with young girls.The girls seemed to be enjoying those.I heard a clicking noise and kept the mag back on the shelf.Uncle came out of the washroom,looking great in his muscular body.He was only in his towel and drops of water ran down his tight chest.For a moment I was stunned,then i woke up to reality with him asking me what the matter was.I told him that the breakfast is ready.

That day onward,I was unable to concentrate on my studies.I was making up plans to seduce him.I changed into a pair of trousers and a deep neck shirt that was almost semi transparent.When uncle got home i received him with a meaningful smile.At the dinner table as I served him,I Intentionally brushed my breast on his shoulders.I was leaning forward and eating to show him some skin under my shirt.I caught him staring at my boobs.Then i asked him to explain me an English topic after dinner to which he happily agreed.
I quickly finished my dinner and ran to my room.I took off my skin color bra and wore the black bra.My dark areola and nipples were clearly visible before.I went to his room with my book and with a glass of chocolate-milk for him.
I kept my books aside and deliberately bumped on him to wet my shirt with the milk.He didn’t realize what and started to clean my shirt with his hands.In this process,his hands brushed my breasts and my nipples became hard in just a matter of seconds.Then he slowed down and brushed my breasts area with a towel in longer strokes.He also pressed them 3-4 times.My shirt was wet and now hiding nothing.The milk was spilled all over my body.
I said, “Sorry uncle”He said its OK.Its not your fault,its mine.I should feel sorry.While saying this,he stared on my big breasts again.He asked me to change the shirt.I quickly said;its the last shirt that I have in my bag,so I have to wash it.He told me to wear aunty's dress if it could fit my body.I laughed and said;they will not fit me but I should try.Uncle came with me to aunt's room and started searching for a suitable dress.He picked up a Shalwar Suit and then smilingly asked if I needed the under-garments as well?I smiled and said;may be but it depends on fitting of size.He just selected one bra of 36D which was OK for me.I took it from his hand and smiled.He judged my intentions so he asked me if I need more help?
For those moments,I forgot the relation and the age difference but I reacted like a shy Pakistani girl.My Uncle's manhood was getting a life as he asked me to wear those garments.I started to pull up my T-shirt without caring for his presence.He helped me to take it out as it was wet a quite sticky with my body.The remaining milk drops started to flow from my bra and my uncle made a quick move.“This way”,my uncle replied,and started to lick the milk off my belly.He was licking on my navel simultaneously.He threw my shirt off and licked my stomach,then moved up to my boobs.He licked both of them and licked my nipples.My nipples were hard by now and were desperate to be sucked.I unhooked my bra and produced a soft moan.
He knew that this was a gesture of permission and now started to press my boobs hard.He twitched my nipples and squeezed them.He sucked my one boob and played with the other.Then he sucked my other boob and pinched the nipples hard.I was moaning in pleasure.
He laid me down on the bed and took my pants off.I was wearing black panty and my pussy was clean shaved.He removed my panty softly and I moaned louder.I closed my eyes and let things happen.He sniffed my pussy and spread my legs apart with his hands.I was happily responding him.He brushed his tongue on my pussy lips.A shiver ran through my body.Now he spread the lips of my pussy with his fingers and licked my clitoris.His tongue was playing with my clit and i was pinching my nipples.
He put his tongue in my already wet pussy.I moaned loudly, “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…oh,he put his finger in and moved it in and out deep in my dripping pussy.Now he came up and kissed on my lips.His lips were so soft and he was a master of kissing.His kiss turned me on more than ever.
I sat up and now he was lying on the bed.I took off his pants and took his dick in my tender hands.I was addicted to sex and started to suck his dick like a movie star.I licked the tip of his dick and then licked the whole thing. Then i took it in my mouth and sucked it.He pushed it further in my mouth and gagged me.His pace was raised and he took his dick out of my mouth.He started fucking my mouth in slow pace.I have done it once with my ex-boy friend but his tool was not that much.My uncle was good one.Quickly after that,we went into 69.
He again sucked my boobs and pressed them.He was now harder than ever to fuck me.We went into the missionary position and he put a cushion under my ass.He spread my legs apart and put his entire dick in a single first stroke.I cried out in pain but he paid no heed.He was fucking me slowly then he raised his pace.I was clutching his body and my nails dig in his back.He got faster and faster.The pain was now gone and i was enjoying his thick and long dick.This went on for 5 minutes and then he asked me to sit on his monsters.I started doing that but I was the only one to feel thr trouble.My pussy gripped his shaft tightly and I started jumping.After a few jumps,I went into heaven again.I done it longer as the pleasure was increasing with every move.
My uncle was so nice in his stamina that he never felt cumming in 20-30 minutes of hard fucking.Then he made me his doggy style bitch.He banged me fast like a movie.He was at the climax and soon released his load on my ass.It felt so warm.We both kissed and slept naked.The remaining 3-4 nights were UN-forgettable for me.He banged me every night until my aunt was back.Then after my exam i sadly came back to my place.But, I’m planning to pay him another visit in the coming week.Share your comments about my uncle and my Pakistani Sex story.


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