Friday, 3 October 2014

Neelam Gul Khan 23 old years student from karachi netional college online dating. 

Name ; Neelam Gul Khan 23 Years old from Karachi sadhar Pakistan. Religion:Muslim.. Marital Status:Singles … Language:Piston  Urdu, English .. Occupation: Student … City/State: Karachi  Country:Pakistan.. Future Plans: Wants to be a good” Doctors… Family Status:”’ 3 Members in family, 0 brothers 1 sister.
I am quiet, sweet girl. My life – a series of interesting and diverse events that will be true for some adventure, and for me – ordinary things. But I do not have enough warmth of a loved one with whom I share my life. I decided to start a profile here because in my life does not have enough time to look for my second half, but it does not mean that I do not want to find her. Besides the Internet – a great means to start discovering with interesting person.Medical Student Girl from Karachi Pakistan likes extra curricular activities also. She takes part in sports as well as gives enough time to books. Medical Student girl from Pakistan is working hard to fulfill her dream. Girls from Pakistan are giving tough time to boys in each and every field of their life. They are standing beside them and working with them. Girls are supporting men in each and every field of their life. This is good thing when they will combine together then they will stand by each other for the progress of their country. They become nation builder and their country always stands high. You have to realize that what is the new era expecting from us and what is today’s need. When you will be able to understand that what is a key to success then you will be able to beat all the other nations in the world and you will start leading from others. In this world you have to work hard and try to prove you’re self among the top nations.